Provides perspective!

The “transparent display box” is a truly exciting invention: content is displayed in full HD right on the surface of the glass. Ideal for use with videos, images, text, and apps.The ultimate eye-catcher for POS, trade fairs, showrooms, waiting areas, etc. The applications are practically limitless.

Maximaler Eye-Catcher z.B. für den POS, Messen, Showrooms, Wartebereiche. Die Einsatzgebiete sind nahezu unbegrenzt.


Prize Game for Trade Fairs. Use an interactive solution to generate interest. The trade fair slot machine is an ideal way to draw a crowd, with long-range effect and branding guarantee.


An “arresting” entrance display with heart This modern character act is great for trade fairs and for receiving visitors in lobbies or entrances to exhibition halls. In an original cop outfit our “cyber security” officer has a rather unusual way of greeting guests. Using a “scanner display” built into a sort of briefcase, he scans members of the crowd, and an “X-ray” appears on the screen. The scan goes from the skull to the ribs, when it gets to the stomach area, for example, it might show some butterflies flying around inside the person’s body, and the cyber security officer will make comments like “I see you’re still in love!”


If you used with the "CYBER-SECURITIES" an interactive solution around on Yourselves to draw the attention. This new Walkact is the ideal public magnet with long-distance effect and branding guarantee.

Draw the attention with the help of the striking, futuristic action to yourselves. Regardless of exhibition stand size and fame if you can score with the "CYBER-SECURITIES". Fix the play duration and tie up the visitor for a determining moment in their exhibition stand. The exciting action loads one for staying and gives you to get to know the possibility your new contact.