Fair Construction

Maximum attention with minimal effort

“RM PROJECT – Pro Business” will design and build for you affordable exhibition booths for trade fairs that will get you lots of attention. We integrate the messages you wish to send into our booth design in an intelligent and state-of-the-art manner, providing you with the perfect platform for communication. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how practical we are and how quickly we realize your attractive exhibition booth.

Sample Project: An Interactive Exhibition Booth

In a project we did for the German family insurance company Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV), the task was to make four simple, streamlined products the focus of attention at the fair In this case the project called for a clear, contemporary design paired with a prominent floor presence and attention-grabbing interactive elements at the booth. Employees operating terminals contact potential customers and give them the opportunity to continue consultations in an attached conference room.


After presenting the client with various proposals, the concept they decided on involved an oversized display of the product icons in the form of a gigantic “Super Slot Machine” that would be sure to garner enormous amounts of attention and generate lots of foot traffic.